Technical Trend Analyses of Indonesia Stock Exchange Index

The stock exchange index is one of the primary barometers for the economic health of a country. The index encapsulates the performances of a wide spectrum of economic sectors, and it vividly reflects the country’s economic condition. In this paper, we apply several commonly used approaches to conduct technical trend analyses of the IDX and assess the outlook in the near future. Several trends can be highlighted. Market sentiment in the capital market of Indonesia has generally improved from bearish environment in late 2022 into a relatively bullish one in late 2023. Based on the technical trend analyses, we can also conclude that the Indonesia Stock Index has entered overbought position at the end of 2023 from the previously oversold position in March-April 2022. For 2024, we see the upside potential of IDX to hover between 7400-8600 range.


28 March 2024

Technical Trend Analyses of Indonesia Stock Exchange Index

Penulis :

Reza Yamora Siregar, Afif Narawangsa Luviyanto