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Indonesia Financial Group International Conference 2023

Jakarta, 19 - 20 September 2023

“Shaping the Foundations for Sustainable & Resilient Insurance and Pension Fund”

The ongoing macroeconomic uncertainty introduces complexities that necessitate proactive risk assessment and management. Insurers need to anticipate potential shifts in customer demands, evaluate changes in risk profiles, and adjust their underwriting strategies accordingly. Similarly, pension funds find themselves navigating uncertain investment landscapes, where prudent asset allocation becomes paramount to secure future financial commitments.

In response to these challenges, Indonesia Financial Group (IFG) Present: IFG INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2023 with the theme “Shaping the Foundations for Sustainable & Resilient Insurance and Pension Fund”. IFG International Conference 2023 aims to cement further the commitment of the IFG to provide a platform for policymakers, market players, professionals, and other relevant stakeholders to discuss and debate current and future challenges facing the development of the insurance and pension fund sector in Indonesia.

The discussions at the IFG International Conference 2023 will start with an update on the ever-changing global economy and financial landscapes. On the pension fund, the focus will be on the Liability Driven Investment (LDI) strategy. The conference will then touch upon several immediate and structural challenges facing the insurance industry, from the implementation of the IFRS-17 and the vast opportunities awaiting the micro-insurance and Sharia insurance sectors. The conference ends with a special session debating issues surrounding the adoption of the Insurance Guarantee Scheme (IGS) in Indonesia, as stipulated under the newly passed Bill on the Development and Strengthening of the Financial Sector (UU P2SK).

The 2nd IFG INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE will be held on September, 19th-20th 2023.

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